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QuiltWorks Gallery Exhibitors

Here is a list of previous QuiltWorks Gallery Featured Quilters, Groups and Themes from 2010 to present:

February 2018:
Featured Quilter:  Nikki Cooper
Featured Group:   Undercover Quilters "Quilts from Kitchens of the Great Midwest"

December 2017: 
Featured:  Mini Group Quilts

November 2017:
Featured Theme:  "November Inspirations", Small Quilt Show

October 2017:
Featured Quilter: Martha Sanders
Featured Group:  Mt. Bachelor Quilt Guild's Challenge "Table of Elements"

September 2017:
Featured Quilter: Linda Hespe
Featured Group:  Mtn. Meadows Quilt Guild's Challenge "Cabin Fever"

August 2017:
Featured Group: MIX 

July 2017:
Featured Quilter: Pat Roland
Featured Theme: Portrait Quilts

June 2017:  
Featured Quilter: Jean Mays
Featured Theme: Asian Inspired Quilts

May 2017:
Featured Quilter: Julia Jeans
Featured Group:  Humble Quits Blogger Challenge

April 2017:
Featured Quilts:  "Homegoing" Novel Idea quilts and textile challenge 

March 2017
Featured Quilter:  Deb Wilkinson, Quilted Wearables
Featured Group:   New York Beauties 

February 2017
Featured Quilter:  Jackie Erickson
Featured Group:   Undercover Quilters

December 2016
Special Group Exhibits:
  • Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild
  • Book, Scissors, Quilt
  • Founding Fibers Art Quilt Group
  • Catherine Anderson's antique quilts
November 2016
Featured Theme: November Inspirations

October 2016
Featured Quilter: Corni Quinlivan
Featured Group:  SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) "View From Above Challenge"

September 2016
Featured Quilter: Patti Stewart
Featured Group:  Mt. Bachelor Quilt Guilds "Page 38 Challenge"

August 2016
Featured Quilter: Tina Witherell
Featured Group:  Quilter's Sew-ciety of Redding, "Feather Our Nest with Quilts"

July 2016
Featured Quilter: Jeanne Sellgren
Featured Group:  Animal Themed Quilts

June 2016
Featured Quilter: Prudence Lay
Featured Group:  Material Girls, Napkin Challenge

May 2016
Featured Quilter: Linda Engebretson
Featured Group: Bird Theme Quilts

April  2016
Featured Quilts: "Euphoria" Novel Idea quilt and textile challenge

March 2016
Featured Quilter: Mary Ratcliffe
Featured Group: Undercover Quilters showing "Night Circus" quilts

February 2016
Featured Quilter: Shannon Poe
Featured Group: Undercover Quilters showing "Clue" quilts

December/January 2016
Special Group Exhibits:
  • Blockin' Robins
  • Book, Scissors, Quilt
  • Founding Fibers Art Quilt Group
  • Sundance Art Quilters
November 2015
Featured Theme: "November Inspirations"

October 2015
Featured Quilter: Tamra Dumolt
Featured Group: Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild

September 2015
Featured Quilter: Anna Bates
Featured Group: Woolies

August 2015
Featured Quilter: Ruth Ingham
Featured Group: Quilters Sew-ciety of Redding, Inc.

July 2015
Featured Quilter: Leotie Richards
Featured Theme: "Circles"

June 2015
Featured Quilter: Grace Grinnell
Featured Group: Notable Women Quilt Initiative

May 2015
Featured Quilter: Mary Klein
Featured Group: Material Girls

April 2015
Featured Theme: Novel Idea quilts and fabric art
March 2015
Featured Quilter: Bevalee Runner
Featured Theme: Food & Drink

February 2015

Featured Quilter: Phyllis Van Etten
Featured Group: The Meadow Muffins (Sunriver)

December 2014/January 2015
Special Group Exhibits:
  • Blockin' Robins
  • Book, Scissors, Quilt
  • Founding Fibers Art Quilt Group
  • Sundance Art Quilters
  • The Undercover Quilters
November 2014
Special Exhibit: "November Inspirations Small Quilt Show"

October 2014
Featured Quilter: Cathy Moen
Featured Group: Undercover Quilters

September 2014
Featured Quilter: Tammy MacArthur
Featured Group: Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild

August 2014
Featured Quilter: June Jaeger
Featured Group: SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates)

July 2014
Featured Quilter: Cindy O'Neal
Featured Theme: "Let's Laugh"

June 2014
Featured Quilter: Pat Wellman
Featured Group: The Juniper Berries

May 2014
Featured Quilter: Linda Saukkonen
Featured Group: The Nimble Needlers

April 2014
Special Exhibit: Novel Idea Quilts

March 2014
Featured Quilter: Suzette Shoulders
Featured Theme: Paper Pieced Quilts

February 2014
Featured Quilter: Anne Bryson
Featured Group: Fiber Chix

December 2013
Special Group Exhibits:
  • Blockin' Robins
  • Book, Scissors, Quilt
  • Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild
  • Founding Fibers Art Quilt Group
  • Jefferson county Library's Novel Quilt Group

November 2013
Special Event and Exhibit: "November Inspirations" Small Quilt Show

October 2013
Featured Quilter: Jan Tetzlaff
Featured Group: Undercover Quilters

September 2013
Featured Theme: Featured Quilters Exhibit

August 2013
Featured Quilter: Sarah Kaufman
Featured Theme: Cover to Cover Quilters (Portland)

July 2013
Featured Quilter: Donna Cherry
Featured Theme: Celebrations!

June 2013
Featured Quilter: Karen Donobedian
Featured Exhibit: Two Rivers, Three Sisters 

May 2013
Featured Quilter: Janie Adams
Featured Group: Sisters of the Hearts

April 2013
Featured Theme: The Snow Child Quilts

March 2013
Featured Quilter: VaLoy Freeman
Featured Theme: Monochromatic Quilts

February 2013
Featured Quilter: Lori DeJarnet
Featured Group: Woolie Mammoths

December 2012 through January 2013
Featured Quilter: Alice Pederson
Featured Group: Mt Bachelor Quilt Guild

November 2012
Featured Quilter: Crys Kyle
Featured Group: Crook County Quilt Guild

October 2012
Featured Group: Fiberexplorations

September 2012
Featured Quilter: Betty Anne Guadalupe
Featured Group: The Undercover Quilters

August 2012
Featured Quilter: Joan Metzger
Featured Group: Central Oregon and Portland Modern Quilt Guilds

July 2012
Featured Quilter: Donna Lee Rice
Featured Theme: "Landscape Quilts"

June 2012
Featured Quilter: Candy Woods
Featured Group: Pacific Photos 2 Fiber

May 2012
Featured Quilter: Dianne Browning
Featured Group: Quilters' Sew-Ciety Quilt Guild of Redding, California

April 2012

Featured Group: Novel Idea Quilts

March 2012

Featured Quilter: Kristin Shields

Featured Group: The Fiber Chix

February 2012

Featured Quilter: Sally Rogers

Additional Theme: Heart quilts

December 2011 - January 2012

Featured Quilter: Sandy Feigner

Featured Group: QuiltWorks Novel Idea Group

November 2011

Featured Quilter: Janelle Rebick

Additional theme: "Holiday Insirations" by Central Oregon quilters

October 2011

Featured Group: The Klamath Basin Vistas

September 2011

Featured Quilter: Barbara Copeland

Featured Group: The Undercover Quilters

 August 2011

Featured Quilter: JoAnn Marshall

Featured Group: The Material Girls

July 2011

Featured Quilter: Sheila Finzer

Additional Theme: "Animal Quilts"

June 2011

Featured Quilter: Mary Ann Lisk

Featured Group: COVER TO COVER Book Club Quilters

May 2011

Featured Quilter: Kathy Shaker

Featured Group: The Fabric Stalkers

April 2011

Featured Group Project: Kapitoil Quilts

Additional Theme: New York Beauty Quilts

March 2011

Featured Quilter: Phyllis Dickenson

Featured Group & Theme: Journeys - "Vintage Redux" & "Gifted Tablerunners"

February 2011

Featured Quilter: Tonye Phillips

Featured Group & Theme: The Juniperberries & Row Quilts

January 2011

The QuiltWorks Gallery closed for renovation.

December 2010

Featured Quilter: Pat Pease

Featured Group & Theme: The Fussy Cuts & The Bean Trees novel quilts

November 2010

Featured Quilter: Wendy Hill

Featured Group & Theme: Sewjouners & 20 Color Cascade

October 2010

Featured Quilter: Ann Richardson

Featured Group & Theme: Mountain Meadows & "Starry, Starry Night" Shaker Challenge

September 2010

Featured Quilter: Jill Monley

Featured Group & Theme: The Undercover Quilters & The Good, Good Pig novel quilts

August 2010

Featured Quilter: Joanne Myers

Featured Group & Theme: Sarah Kaufman's Students & Folded Log Cabin Quilts

June-July 2010

Featured Quilter: Marilyn Forestell

Featured Group & Theme: The Fussy Cuts & Calilillies